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Bill Maher returned Friday night just in time for the McCain/Palin announcement and, to no one’s surprise, had quite a bit to say about it. See for yourself:

Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia was also on, and gave an excellent analysis of McCain’s VP pick along with an overview of Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday night. I like the choice of Biden as a running mate for Obama, but Kaine would also have been a good choice and will be instrumental in Obama’s attempt to carry Virginia, which is now considered a battleground state.

Then there’s Senator McCain. Watch Johnny’s wandering eye as Sarah Palin speaks after being named as VP nominee. Also notice the Senator twiddling with his wedding ring.

I can only imagine the thoughts that are going through his head as he ogles Gov. Palin, ‘If only Cindy hadn’t made me sign that damn pre-nup.’