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They’re baaaaaaaack! As President Obama takes his trip to the Middle East where he will give a speech in Cairo and, as a last-minute add-on, attend a private meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with King Abdullah (where he can undoubtedly bow before the King without photographers present this time) an article from Jake Tapper of ABC News has the Obama is a Seekrit Mooslim crowd all fired up again.

During a conference call in preparation for President Obama’s trip to Cairo, Egypt, where he will address the Muslim world, deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Denis McDonough said “the President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he was able to — or before he’s been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world — you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father — obviously Muslim Americans (are) a key part of Illinois and Chicago.

To add to the paranoia, President Obama said in an interview with French TV:

And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”

Well there you have it, conclusive proof that Barack Hussein Obama covered up (with the support of the liberal, leftist media) his Muslim heritage during the campaign, and now he is saying that America is a large Muslim country, letting slip his future plans for forced conversion of us all to Islam, no doubt.

Or maybe he is trying to improve our relations with the Muslim world by telling them that we are no longer on George Bush’s “crusade,” and that American  foreign policy is no longer “either you are with us or against us.” Nah, must be the first explanation, not the second.

Cue the comments from the nutjobs on the far-right web sites in 3…2…1…

Gateway Pundit:

Anyone else dread his coming apology speech to the jihadists during his trip?
When is someone going to step up to the plate and remove this evil bozo?

Wait till Obama tries to murder every jew in israel

Little Green Footballs:

The American Liberal Media would put HITLER into office today if he were running for President.
Obama’s Socialism is as close to Hitler, as Hitler was close to Joseph Goebbels


Atlas Shrugs:

Anyone want to take bets on the exact date that re-education in the USA about Islam becomes mandatory from the Federal government? August of this year? (too soon?) February of 2010? (still too soon?) How about May of 2011?

Never forget the Muslim saying “War is deceit”. Barack Hussein (don’t forget that BOTH names are Arabic) is at war with America. He and his henchmen are succeeding in their destruction of the US.

Weasel Zippers:

If he had his way we would have 10 million rag bags in the USA. A complete and total loser, liar and charlatan. I say we make the USA a muslim free zone, starting with the mullah obamaham!

He has lost all touch with reality. He needs to be removed from office.

Pajamas Media:

He bowed to a Muslim king and now he’s bowing to his Muslim people. Hail Hussein Obama, Muslim King of America!!

We have to realize that the lamestream media is now the State-Run Media, and they’re in the tank for this guy. Of course, BHO’s reckless and irresponsible comment will be glossed over. He is all for the destruction of the United States and its customs, culture, and freedom as we have known it.

United States of America

July 4, 1776-January 20, 2009

Cause of Death: Barack Hussein Obama.