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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street), responding to a Washington Post—ABC News poll in which 8 out of 10 of those questioned said they disapprove of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on campaign advertising:

“If there’s one thing that Americans from the left, right and center can all agree on, it’s that they don’t want more special interests in our politics.”

This from a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions, and the Subcommittee on Securities and Investment, and whose top contributor list reads like this:

Goldman Sachs $481,040
Citigroup Inc $415,616
Morgan Stanley $305,946
JPMorgan Chase & Co $297,600
Credit Suisse Group $258,744
UBS AG $236,950
Bear Stearns $231,350
Merrill Lynch $226,150
Lehman Brothers $181,450

 And who has received over $7 million in campaign contributions from the Securities and Investment Industries since 1989. No, we certainly don’t need more special interests in our politics, do we Chuck?