From Seeking Alpha:

“What a time to be an oligarch! Folks, there is no way we can have economic prosperity in this country when the top 1% has all of the money. The middle class is basically being destroyed right in front of our very eyes. Consumption economies die when the consumers have no money to consume!

…All the government has done is bail out Wall St. continuosly since 2008. My guess is the disparity of wealth in this chart would look even worse if it included 2009…Just about ALL of the steps that have been taken by the government to help fix this crisis have involved throwing more and more money to the financial elites of this country.

…Here is the reality that America has realized: If you are not part of the 1% club in this country you are nothing but a victimized pawn as the elite continue to line their pockets with our nations income…I don’t have all the answers but I know where we can start. We can start by putting an end to the bailouts of the financial elite. Washington needs to start listening to Main St. instead of top 1%’ers on Wall St. If this creates an economic crisis so be it. At least it will keep this country solvent.

…Can you say Great Depression? Remember, the only way an economy can thrive is when the majority of people involved in it are prospering. We are about to drive off the same cliff that we did in the 1920’s as the middle class is turned into a group of SERFS. Be prepared.”