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How much more of these “junk loans” are bring “warehoused” on the books at the Fed? A question to which we may never know the answer if Treasury Secretary Geithner and Senator Chris Dodd have anything to say about it:

“As Lehman Brothers careened toward bankruptcy in 2008, the New York Federal Reserve Bank came to its rescue, sopping up junk loans that the investment bank couldn’t sell in the market, according to a report from court-appointed examiner Anton R. Valukas.

Without an audit, the Fed is able to conceal the specifics of what it holds on its balance sheet. If the Lehman deal is any indication, the Fed is hiding billions of dollars in toxic loans on its books.”

The New York Fed, under the direction of now-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, knowingly allowed itself to be used as a “warehouse” for junk loans, the report says, even though Fed guidelines say it can only accept investment grade bonds.

Meanwhile, the Fed and Geithner both strongly oppose a congressional measure to authorize an independent audit of the central bank and its lending facilities. The provision passed the House but is under attack in the Senate, where Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) says he hopes to stop it.

I suspect this has a lot to do with Secretary Geithner’s strong opposition:

“The Valukas report found clear evidence that the New York Fed  knew that Lehman was sending it garbage that it had no intention to market. In other words, the baskets of assets were created for the specific purpose of selling to the Fed for far more than they were worth.

Lehman knew it too: “No intention to market” was scrawled on one of the internal presentations about the assets…Geithner himself was aware that there was a gap between what Lehman claimed the assets were worth and what they were really worth.”

What else don’t we know? The stonewall is on:

“The Fed won’t say how much more toxic “garbage” is in the Fed’s “warehouse”…The Treasury didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Sounds an awful lot like fraud and obstruction of justice to me.