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I have an idea to help pay for the oil spill cleanup. The Feds can sell corporate sponsorships, like sports arenas and stadiums do. The government agencies involved are already doing BP’s bidding at every turn thus far, they might as well bring in some revenue to help defray the costs.

There’s the BP/EPA, who ordered that a less toxic dispersant than Corexit be usedalmost a month ago. Corexit is still being dumped in the Gulf.

There’s BP/OSHA who said that cleanup workers don’t need respirators, despite increasing reports of illness. No respirators are needed because BP’s own air quality tests said there’s no need. Case closed.

There’s the BP/Coast Guard who threatened to arrest CBS journalists who were trying to cover the spill’s damage. “BP’s rules.”

There’s the BP/FAA, who denied Southern Seaplane permission to fly over the affected areas when they found out a photojournalist was on board.

There’s the BP/DHS, who told Senator Bill Nelson that there would be no journalists allowed on a trip he was taking on a BP/Coast Guard vessel.

Finally there’s the BP/Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries whose employee told Mac McClelland of Mother Jones that he had to leave Isle Grand Terre, LA because “WE don’t need this on camera.”

“This” meaning this; a beach covered in oil with no cleanup crew in sight:

And a dead dolphin.

The way I see it, if all these agencies are going to be BP’s bitches, they may as well get paid for it.