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Welcome to the party, Harry. You’re a little late, but glad you finally got here:

“Republicans hope unemployment rates jump higher to give them a better shot at retaking Congress, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday.

At a press conference announcing a package of proposals to help small business, the Nevada Democrat said Republicans were obstructing legislation to help the economy for political reasons.

“They think the worse the economy is come November, the better they’re going to do election-wise,” Reid said.

Reid cited an extension of unemployment benefits as an example of legislation that would help the economy but was being blocked by Republicans.”

They don’t care about extending unemployment benefits. That money goes mostly to the vanishing middle-class that Republicans have been trying to kill off since 1980 anyway. This will just accelerate the process in the direction of their goal of a two-class society—the very rich and the poor. The fat cats on Wall Street are hiring and doling out the big bonuses again, and that’s all that matters to the GOP.

BTW, Harry. If you’re looking for someone to blame, find a mirror. If you and the other Dems would have had the balls to change that stupid-ass 60 vote rule in the Senate 18 months ago, none of this would have been possible. We could have had a REAL stimulus package, REAL health care reform, and REAL financial reform.

Democrats didn’t want to change it because they were anticipating some time in the future when they were in the minority and could use the filibuster to their advantage.

That time will be here a lot sooner than they thought.