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Gutless. Spineless. Cowards.

“Senate Democrats said Thursday that they had abandoned plans for a pre-election showdown with Republicans over taxes, postponing any vote on extending Bush administration tax cuts until after the November midterms.

Democrats discussed the issue during a caucus luncheon but left the final decision to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)”

That was your first mistake, leaving it up to Sir Robin Harry Reid.

“Late Thursday, Reid spokesman Jim Manley said, “We will come back in November and stay in session as long as it takes to get this done.”

Bullshit. If the Republicans take control of Congress, and how can they not with opposition like this, does anybody with half a brain (which excludes Reid) think they’ll be in the mood to make a deal after the election. Here’s what will happen:

“…the GOP is going to shout and scream and throw feces and demand what it will deem one of two acceptable options:  a permanent extension of all cuts or a one- or two-year extension.  And one of these will pass.  And if it’s the temporary extension, the renewal will come up before the very Congress these midterms are going to elect, meaning it will be an even more Republican Congress than the one in the lame-duck session.  So the tax cuts for the rich will be made permanent then.”

Meanwhile, back in D.C.:

“The Senate left for the weekend Thursday afternoon and will not return until early next week, when Reid has scheduled a vote on a bill to prevent firms from sending jobs overseas and reward those that bring jobs back to the United States. Congressional leaders are aiming to get lawmakers out on the campaign trail by the end of next week.”

No, don’t go back at all. Slither your worthless invertebrate asses home and stay there. Don’t even come back for the lame-duck session. Get ready for your post-Senatorial careers. At least we can save on the cost of utilities by keeping the Capitol building dark, you useless wastes of space.

The party of no or the party of no backbone. One hell of a choice.