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Good call, Mr. President. You’ve hit on the reason for the $1.3 trillion deficit. Nothing to do with the crooks savvy businessmen on Wall Street or wars that never end or tax cuts for the top 2 percent. It’s the Social Security Customer Service Reps making $35,000 a year. It’s the USDA Agricultural Inspector making $30,000. It’s Correctional Officers making $46,000. It’s those greedy Air Traffic Controllers pulling down the astronomical sum of $93,000 a year.

They all just make too damn much money, and denying them a whopping 1.4% increase is surely the solution to all our budget woes. Never mind that their health insurance premiums are scheduled to go up 7.2% next year so that a wage freeze amounts to a wage cut, not a freeze.

But hey, the Republicans love you for it, and apparently that’s what matters most. They always love it when you start making concessions before you even get to the bargaining table. A tactic that paid off so well in health care reform, why not use it again when it comes to deficit reduction.  Oh, by the way, what did you get in exchange for conceding this issue to the GOP? Absolutely nothing—as usual.

This just in, sir. Republicans don’t give a flying pile of horse manure about reducing the deficit. If they did, they wouldn’t be insisting on an extension of the Bush tax cuts which, given the prior record of your negotiating skills, I fully expect to see happen to some degree at today’s capitulation session bi-partisan meeting with Republican leadership.

Here’s an early “heckuva job” on that, too.