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Ron Beasley at Newshoggers has the appropriate image of Senator Mitch McConnell in his post yesterday entitled, “If He Only Had a Brain” :

McConnell continues to mindlessly repeat Frank Luntz talking points about “endless taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street banks,” talking points written before there was an actual bill. Rachel Maddow compares the similarity, purely coincidental I’m sure, between Luntz’s “words to use” and McConnell’s statements:

Speaking of mindless, there’s McConnell’s sidekick, Congressman John Boner Boehner. After Friday’s news that the SEC was suing Goldman Sachs for fraud, Boner Boehner released a statement, “calling the firm a “key supporter” of the president’s bid to reform the nation’s financial regulatory system.”

“These are very serious charges against a key supporter of President Obama’s bill to create a permanent Wall Street bailout fund,” Boehner said Friday in the statement. “Despite President Obama’s rhetoric, his permanent bailout bill gives Goldman Sachs and other big Wall Street banks a permanent, taxpayer-funded safety net by designating them ‘too big to fail.’ Just whose side is President Obama on?”

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly:

“To hear the dim-witted Minority Leader put it, the Obama administration and Goldman Sachs are close allies, and the administration-backed reform bill is intended to help firms like Goldman Sachs. And we now know for sure that administration officials are carrying water for Goldman Sachs because … they just charged Goldman Sachs with fraud.


I’m trying to imagine the conversation in Boehner’s office when the statement was being written. Which genius on Boehner’s staff discovered that the Obama administration is going after Goldman Sachs, regardless of its campaign contributions to Obama, and thought, “A ha! Now we’ve got ’em!

I would guess that genius was the Orangeman himself.