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Don’t judge an article by its headline. The headline at Gallup reads:

“Health Costs, Gov’t Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring
Nearly half of small-business owners name these issues”

Followed by the accompanying chart:

Notice that Gallup skips to reasons number 5 and 6. Apparently Speaker Boehner didn’t go past the headline either, from the Speaker’s blog (his bold, not mine):

“When asked by Gallup about the challenges they face, nearly half of small businesses who aren’t hiring new workers said potential health care costs and excessive government regulations are key obstacles.

According to Politico, “an overwhelming majority of small-business owners surveyed” by Gallup – 85 percent – aren’t currently hiring. Among them, 48 percent cited concerns about rising health care costs and 46 percent cited new government regulations.”

Neither did conservative bloggers. For example, here and here.

Remember the “read the bill” chant from the Tea Party? How about this–read the article.