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 If it walks like a cover-up and talks like a cover-up…..Video compilation of Houston news reports about local conservative radio host Michael Berry’s involvement in a hit and run (allegedly) at a gay bar,  from Raw Story:

Vodpod videos no longer available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Click2Houston has more:

“New witnesses have stepped forward to say they saw a talk show host behind the wheel after a hit-and-run crash outside a popular gay bar, and Local 2 Investigates has obtained video from inside the bar that is now in the hands of police.

Houston police obtained video from inside T.C.’s Show Bar on Converse and Fairview in the Montrose to confirm that the conservative activist was inside the club around the time of the Jan. 31 hit-and-run outside the club.

“Videos don’t lie. They don’t paint pictures that don’t exist,” said Tuderia Bennett, whose car was damaged in the hit and run. “I want my money more than anything else.”


Bennett told police he saw the crash and wrote down the license number, and he also told police he could positively identify Berry as being the man behind the wheel.  Bennett told police he rushed up to the SUV that hit his car right after impact and flashed the beam of his flashlight into the window.

Police officers assigned to the case told Local 2 Investigates that prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office declined to file hit-and-run charges against Berry, saying that no one could positively identify him as being behind the wheel.”

So we have multiple eyewitnesses, a license plate number, video of the person inside the bar just before the incident, and “no one could positively identify him?” Seriously?

Berry refused to comment to reporters, but said this on his radio show:

“I’ve always said when you do what I do, the way I do it, you make enemies. When you poke your finger in as many people’s eye as I do every day, you make enemies,” said Berry.

He said that his detractors “will accuse you of most anything” and he added, “You have to trust that in the end, the system works itself out, that there are checks and balances, there are people who will verify. But you also recognize that there are some people who want you to be crushed. There’s some people who hate you.  There are some people who privately would benefit from you not being on the air.”

He said he does not respond to reporters who question him “on their turf” because it is subject to editing.  However, at no point in his broadcast did he deny being behind the wheel and at no point did he address his presence in the club.

“You simply cannot go out there and chase down every nasty thing that is said about you.  Just because someone says something nasty about you doesn’t make it true,” he said.

Kind of like what you do on a daily basis, huh Michael? Having listened to Berry’s program on occasion, one of his favorite targets for scorn and ridicule is Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. I was just wondering what Berry’s reaction might be to a report that Congresswoman Lee had been identified by eyewitnesses in a hit and run and was not charged? Would he be the very understanding person who is willing to let the system work before jumping to conclusions, or would he rush to the microphone ASAP and start doing what he and his right-wing radio brethren do so well–say nasty things, true or not?

That would be a rhetorical question.